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Natural Cosmetics Aloe vera for the beauty of your skin.

Linea cosmetica Flores. (kwiaty)

Natural Cosmetics Aloe vera for the beauty of your skin.

Natural Cosmetics for beauty of your skin with aloe vera and extracts of plants and flowers

Natural Cosmetics beauty with aloe vera creams to achieve maximum effectiveness in the treatment of wrinkles, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis or just keep well hydrated.

If our main goal is the HEALTH AND BEAUTY skin have several lines to follow including natural cosmetics soothing, moisturizing and wrinkle very economical and effective balm that can combine with pure aloe vera for increased performance.

The secret of beauty found him in Kwiaty (flowers) a line of natural cosmetics with plant extracts for face care that can be applied after a serum aloe vera Teide getting downright great thermal and visible results from the first day application.

Among the many CREAM OF ALOE VERA we have, the more effective and more sellers are gels with lots of assets in short authentic natural cosmetics that is compatible with all creams aloe vera, lemon balm and Flores (kwiaty) is symbiosis accentuates the beauty of the skin very quickly. We can be reached at Malpica de bergantiños (A Coruña) Spain.

We have a wide range of natural cosmetics for beauty care of your skin, beauty products aloe vera, lemon balm herb, shampoos, creams for the face and body, nice texture and easy absorption.

Beauty and personal care, MELISA CREAM with hyaluronic acid, Shea butter oil, grape seed combined with the healing properties of provitamin B5 and the main balm that helps moisturize and soothe skin reducing wrinkles and blemishes as well as acne and herpes; also we will improve wrinkles and fine lines of the skin with allantoin and vitamin E accelerating the elimination of dark spots caused by the sun.
With this line natural cosmetics we can keep our skin well hydrated, remove fine lines while the nurture enhancing its beauty, remember that melisa do moisturizing body milk, Soap hands and face, moisturizing and wrinkle masks, SHOWER GEL, micellar water and FACIAL TONIC ALCOHOL. These beauty products substantially improve the sensitive, dehydrated or acneic skin irritation problems.

PERE MARVE COSMETICS. NATURAL COSMETICS ALOE VERA AND DEAD SEA SALTS The main assets that combine besides aloe vera or aloe vera creams: The foundation for all our preparations are: rosehip, argan, Dead Sea salts, snail (Helix aspersa ), hyaluronic acid, Q-10, calendula, ginkgo biloba, shea butter, aloe vera stem cells, collagen, elastin, vitamins A, C, E, B complex, Thermal Teide, Pere Marve and baba-aloe, are the main cosmetic lines that provide us with aloe vera health and beauty to our skin.

KWIATY NATURAL COSMETICS (Flores) The Secret of Beauty Kwiaty is a natural cosmetic line for daily face care, developed with natural active ingredients and vitamins of natural origin that are completely safe for the skin dedicated, dry and normal.
The flavonoids present in the extracts of plants have a beneficial impact on the improvement of skin beauty. They act as antioxidants, delaying the aging process. Effectively reduces the risk of irritation, strengthens blood vessels.
Prepared with gentle, floral fragrance exquisite that like 95% of our customers and light texture enhances comfort.
The line consists of -Cleaning (milk and tonic) micellar water, cream, sunflower, cornflower cream and mauve cream.
Be very aware mauve cream is very effective in treating skin irritations and especially shown very effective for treating dermatitis, psoriasis and ecemas.

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